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Panteg House Food & Clothes Bank

The community pulling together to feed families

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The foodbank is open: 

Mondays: 9am to Midday
Tuesdays: 9am to Midday
Thursdays: 9am to Midday
Saturdays: 9am to Midday


We service the areas of Griffithstown, Sebastopol, New Inn and Cwmynyscoy. Be assured that your request will remain confidential and will only be seen by those members of the support group who are delivering the food parcels. One food parcel is designed to last for three days. 


Food parcels can be collected during the above times only. We will call you to inform you when your parcel is ready (this will be on the next day of opening - eg if you complete this on a Tuesday you will receive a call on Thursday).

If you are not able to collect then we can deliver and will deliver during our opening hours as above.


Panteg House is open 7 days a week and for recycling boxes and bags too.

If you would like to request a food parcel then please use the helpline number 07395 945697 (not the Panteg House number).  Alternatively, you can request a food parcel using an online form here.

Griffithstown Community Garden


Community Garden at Panteg House - set up after the successful launch of a plant and produce swap and share Facebook page.

Gardening is proven to be great for mental health and many of us turned to it during this time. We have been swapping and exchanging plants and seeds from a social distance and sharing knowledge on gardening.

It’s a great way to make friends and get families together to learn all about growing your own fruit and vegetables.

Tel: 07765 344521


Facebook: Griffithstown Community Garden

PH Carpet.jpg
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